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The world of social media is more crowded than ever, especially among agencies. We wanted to put together a social event that would both break through the competitive noise and create buzz with potential clients.


We came up with a one-day happening that stood out from typical posts while showcasing what TJA is all about: culture, spontaneity, people and new experiences. We kicked things off by surprising two team members, Grace and Anthony, with a whirlwind 24-hour trip to Santa Barbara, CA. The only catch? They had to leave immediately with nothing but cash and the clothes on their back.

Along the way, they documented their hijinks on Instagram Stories during a TJA takeover. After touching down, the lucky pair instantly started exploring local brands within the agency’s core competencies.

They started with a quick spree at Paseo Nuevo Shops & Restaurants, which happens to be owned and operated by TJA’s client: Pacific Retail. To ensure they had a roof over their heads that night (obviously, one with style), they checked into the Kimpton Canary—a boutique hotel that would fit squarely on our client roster. Then it was time to hit the town. Before long, they worked their way into trendy local spots like La Arcada Bistro, Test Pilot and The Lark—where a walk-in is the equivalent of a four-course miracle.

After our travelers hit up places that align with our hospitality, retail and F&B expertise, they went big for TJA’s last core category: experiential. In fact, Anthony gained a permanent reminder of their adventure on his left arm.

Even though these two were a state away, they weren’t flying solo. Our support team in Scottsdale ensured the coast treated Grace and Anthony well by using targeted ads and organic outreach to connect with regional influencers. Each time our heroes started a new adventure, they had an engaged audience who offered encouragement and recommendations—and some prospective clients were among them.


Once Grace and Anthony returned safe and sound, we could officially call their shenanigans a success. The outcomes included a huge spike in engagement, followers and reach. In fact, Instagram saw such a startling response that they shut the TJA account down out of fear that it had been hacked. That sounds like a win to us, right down to the cactus tattoo.

post engagements

that’s enough people to fill almost THREE 757’s!

total impressions

that’s a whopping 13,621 more people that can fit in the Arizona Cardinal’s stadium

new fans

that’s a whole school bus full of new friends!

For a grand total of 216.43% increase in Instagram engagement.


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