Why We're Different Than The Other Marketing Agencies

Our magic formula

no smoke and mirrors here.

Veronique James launched The James Agency from her living room in 2005. She has since turned her one-woman shop into a full-service, award-winning advertising, public relations and digital agency with a group of extremely talented people who love each other and what they do. Of course, the free booze helps.

What We’re All About

Our people make our culture. Our culture is the backbone of our agency. Which is why you won’t find any cubicles or closed doors here (unless we can’t stand your music). Everyone feeds off each other’s creative energy to create a strong and supportive team that works as one well-oiled machine. We believe having the right people, the right office environment and the right clients is the key to a successful business.


You’re only as good as the company you keep.

Our collaboration keeps our egos in check and helps us focus on what’s truly important: happy clients.

Why We’re Different (in a Good Way)

We love our clients and our clients love us. Really. We want to make sure everything we do is a win for you, which is why you’re part of the process from day one. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. We actually listen to your goals and vision. As we weave our way through research, strategy and the creative process, we make sure you’re along for the ride with total access and transparency to all of our decisions. By working together, we discover the best plan of attack for your individual needs.

Get an inside look at how it happens.

The Heart and Soul of What We Do

From creative services to graphic design, PR to social media and web design to digital marketing, TJA has it covered. We work as a cohesive unit with your best interests in mind. And once the project launches, we don’t disappear, never to be heard from again. We stay in touch to make sure the campaigns are performing, metrics are met and everyone’s proud of the work produced.

Here's why we do what we do.


We’re all different, but we’re all dedicated to creating great work daily.

Our awesome family

can you spot the creepy uncle?

Every person at The James Agency brings his or her own unique genius and, um, offbeat personality to everything we do. We’re like weird puzzle pieces that fit together to make one whole, kick-ass picture.

See how they all come together.
Veronique James

veronique james 
founder / ceo

Shane Tang

shane tang
creative director

Jen Adler

jennifer adler
director of public relations

Lear Mason

lear mason
director of videography

Dallas McLaughlin

dallas mclaughlin
director of interactive marketing

Megan Leese

megan leese
director of web strategy & development

Julie Schneider

julie schneider
senior project manager

grace koval
traffic manager

Cristin Andrews

cristin andrews

katie terrazas

katie terrazas
senior media buyer and strategist

Darren Simoes

darren simoes
art director

Hallie Bolonkin

hallie bolonkin
production manager

Jamie Britton

jamie britton
senior graphic designer

John Glynn

john glynn
public relations senior account manager

Amy Aust

amy aust
public relations account manager

Keller Perry

keller perry
public relations junior account manager

Katharine Longo

katharine longo
social media strategist

Ina Lee

ina lee
graphic designer

Kelsey Newman

kelsey mattioli
client coordinator

John Blades

john blades
ux designer

Kirsten Haberer

kirsten haberer
junior web developer

Hanna Burks

hanna burks
graphic designer

Justie Lim

justie lim
production designer

Adam Hansen

adam hansen

Ashley Lakely

ashley lakely
junior digital account coordinator

Michael Escoto

michael escoto
web developer

Dave Curry

dave curry

Jayne Gaskey

jayne gaskey
office manager

Michele Carter

michele carter
executive assistant

Jessica Tang

jessica tang

Jillian Green

jillian green

Feel like we’re your kindred spirits and you’d fit in great with our awkward family?